More meat
Special Halloween Guest!

Special Halloween Guest! Nosferatu teaches you how to mix and drink your own blood

Peanut Butter Balls

Peanut Butter Balls Healthy snack alternative packed with protein

Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview Hunter S. Turkey escaped the dinner table but not Mike Blejer.

Thanksgiving Dinner Hack

Thanksgiving Dinner Hack Make a Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner without the Turkey.

Rednecks Know How To Sauce!

Rednecks Know How To Sauce! Make yourself this Politically Correct beverage - The White Trash

Krackers Jeff The Drunk style

Krackers Jeff The Drunk style Who better to monitor an AA meeting than Jeff the Drunk?

Culinary OrGUNization

Culinary OrGUNization Never bring a steak knife to a gun steak.

2nd Coming of Cheese!

2nd Coming of Cheese! Cheesus visits the boys to bring 'em the finest Cracker toppings.

Crackers on Crackers

Crackers on Crackers Catch up on Cracker before the ALL NEW episode, Monday!

The Kitchen Clink

The Kitchen Clink Stuck in prison/dorm with shitty food? Let us show you how to survive.

6 Foods To Beware

6 Foods To Beware Mike Blejer lists your school's most important food trigger warnings.

Products That Will Blow Your Mind

Products That Will Blow Your Mind Grab Yourself a Real Duff Beer a 10lb Gummy Snake and Enjoy!

Candy Love

Candy Love And THIS is where sugar babies come from.

Orange Is The New Apron

Orange Is The New Apron For those days when you're stuck in prison wishing for coffee.

Tainted Beef for Memorial Day!

Tainted Beef for Memorial Day! And We Don't Mean a Long Wknd Visit To The Strip Clubs.

Bitcoin Pizza Day!

Bitcoin Pizza Day! Man Buys Pizza With Bitcoins Now Buys Milk with Foodstamps

Look Who's Talking...

Look Who's Talking... Learn how to make a Tequila Sunrise from Paco's leetle friend

Junkie Food Special

Junkie Food Special We're addicted to Pancakes but this is ricockulous.

I Bang Viral!

I Bang Viral! Yup, this bitch is viral! ...the video, you jerks.

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo A Brief, Drunken History Of La Tequila!

High Profile Interview!

High Profile Interview! Wake N Bake's Hitman tells Mike about gourmet.

CBB & The IB, Sittin' In A Tree

CBB & The IB, Sittin' In A Tree "Interrobang" means something totally different in prison!

Finally! Edible Anuses!

Finally! Edible Anuses! Chocolate starfish anyone?

Wake N Bake On Interrobang

Wake N Bake On Interrobang Show us some love in in the comments section!

Drunk or Fiction

Drunk or Fiction Watch the first episode.

Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese Make your M&C healthy

College Cooking on YouTube

College Cooking on YouTube Yep, we're on YouTube too.

Wake N Bake

Wake N Bake Unadulterated Pot Brownies

Brad Sanchez Report

Brad Sanchez Report Booze it up from your tie.

Beer Pong Bros

Beer Pong Bros Behind the bros

Yo Gone

Yo Gone Now, there's a better way.

Jager Bombshell!

Jager Bombshell! Learn how to make a Jagerbomb or just watch Lauren's boobs

Subway's Tired Bread

Subway's Tired Bread Have you noticed Subway bread less chewy?

Special St Patty's Day News!

Special St Patty's Day News! Join Davin as he takes you on a tour of the "go to" pubs for the holiday.

Chevron Pizza Party!

Chevron Pizza Party! Sorry, We Blew Up Your Town.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Time!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Time! PB and J the way You've never seen it!

Cook U
Mexican Chicken Casserole 00:07:41
Mexican Chic... Po' Boy Cookin'


4 months

Baked Ziti-Stoners Delight 00:11:38
Baked Ziti-S... Po' Boy Cookin'


5 months

Cruzan Chicken 00:06:42
Cruzan Chicken Po' Boy Cookin'


5 months



5 months