In recent weeks, mobile gaming app creator, Dong Nguyen (pronunciation: who the Hell knows), withdrew his uber successful game "Flappy Bird" from all mobile app stores because of the instant celebrity he acquired due to the game's highly addictive tendencies.  Droves of players are now desperately searching for their Flappy Bird fix, like junkies for heroin or Dennis Rodman for words.  The unexpected craze has driven many to try and capitalize off the game's success anywhere they can before the buzz dies down.  


Many "artists" have actually taken to Ebay in hopes of snatching ridiculously high valuations for their flappy works of art.  One eBayer is attempting to hock his piece of Flappy Bird game art with, what he claims is, the reclusive game creator's signature, explaining "I can't prove that this is Dong Nguyen's real signature, but I couldn't imagine who else's it would be"…..Sold.


In addition to Illustrations, many have sought out a more edible approach.  One man is selling, what he considers to be, a miracle toast after having witnessed the image of the games mascot bird miraculously burnt into his breakfast side, he is now seeking $1,500 for the crumby miracle. Although we had trouble finding the resemblance in the burnt bread crumbs, the posting is anything but short of a miracle to us. 

Another couple sellers have tried their luck by starting an auction for their Flappy bird cake with the initial bid set at $15,000.  We learned that their "Buy It Now" price was set at $999,999.00, just shy of a million buckaroos, but were rejected by Ebay's arbitrary price cap on certain accounts.  The winner of the auction can also look forward to a "Free, same day hand delivery from the bakers" and, judging by the auction photos, a bottle of Johnny Walker Scotch backwash.  At $15,000, we've roughly calculated that to be around $400 per bite.  There's a fine line between genius and stupid.