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Episode Description:

Everybody's favorite prison gourmet, Justin Franzen, is back with a Grilled Cheese that you can make in bed! No oven, No microwave, No kitchen? No problem. Bon appetit and shit.

CC Justin Franzen: Welcome to Cell Block B-Stro. I'm Justin Franzen and I'm your host for this lovely fucking cooking show. Tonight we're going to make interrogation style grilled cheese. Looks like an empty bag of chips to most people. This is my oven. We're going to have ramen. It's going to be ramen because that's all you can buy on commissary. We're going to add cheese, which we got from the lunch room. Now the beautiful thing about cheese is, you can get it every day because they always serve sandwiches. The best way to get this out of the room is you can either use your pocket or we can go to our trusty old sock. Ouila. This is a very simple process. We open up the plastic and we put the ramen in the bag of chips. We got warm shower water in our commissary cup. If you like your water a little extra warm, what you do is you flush your toilet before using the shower and you'll get a little extra heat out of your water. I'm going to open up my cup and pour a little water in my chip bag. You want to pour about two to three inches worth of water in there. We're going to fold up our chip bag so we get a nice seal. We're going to put it underneath our mattress for about five to ten minutes until the noodles are soft. In the meantime, if you'd like to find this fucking recipe, you can find it in my gorgeous cookbook. It's a fucking lovely read and it's got some great recipes. Now that our noodles are done, we take them out of our bag. You'll notice that there's two layers of ramen. We're going to slowly peel it apart, so it's open like this. We take our cheese we got from the lunch room. If we want to make it just a grilled cheese, I would just fold it up right now, but if we want to do an interrogation style tuna melt, we get your tuna. It looks so good. We're going to refold our ramen and there you go. This is your interrogation style grilled cheese sandwich, or in this case, a tuna melt. Bon apetit and shit.


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Justin Franzen is... justinsnotgay
Editing/Camera is... Ted Blanco