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Episode Description:

Rod Stirling is back with a brand new drunken story. This week, Christian finds himself on the eerie path back from a rough, naked tumble but how did he get there? Was it Story A "Naked Lap" or Story B "Hardcore Scorn"? Tell us what you think in the comments section and find out in the next episode of Drunk or Fiction.


Watching’s better than reading...nerd!
about 5 years
B totally.. no girl in her right mind would put a beer pong ball in her mouth... :^X
about 5 years
HAAA! Story B! Been There!
about 5 years
I'm gonna go with story A, because the girl he was making out with in story B was way out of that guy's league
Hey, I worked on this video too! Credit Me
Master Chef is... Blippo
Rod Stirling is... Peter Kendall