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Drunk Or Fiction


Episode Description:

Join Rod Stir-ling as he transports you to a new dimension. A dimension filled with outrageously drunken stories, the ones your hyperbolic friends are always breaking out at racket ball practice.

In this episode, our frat brother, Greg, receives a shower of a different kind. You decide which version of this story is true by writing Story A or Story B in the comments section above. The answer will be revealed in the next episode of Drunk or Fiction.


Watching’s better than reading...nerd!
over 5 years
Drinking water cures a hangover and washes piss off your face.
over 5 years
I'm gonna have to say story A because people have been peeing in closets since they were invented. As a matter of fact, people pissed in so many closets that they started calling toilets "water closets"
over 5 years
I'm going with story B as the truth only because it would be great if that actually happened!
Hey, I worked on this video too! Credit Me
Rod Stirling is... Peter Kendall
Frat Guy #3 is... Mike Sangregorio
Greg is... Matt Dubrow