• Checkered Cake Harry and Dina

Harry and Dina


Episode Description:

Hey, yo! Harry and his smokin' ass-istant show you how to make this dope Checkered Cake for your sweet girlfriend or hot ass mom...umm, reverse that. They're going to be blown away, and you might get blown.


Checkered Cake



1 Box of Vanilla Cake Mix
1 Box of Chocolate Cake Mix
Any Frosting you like - Chocolate - Vanilla - Butterscotch...Whatever you like!


Get a long Serrated Knife,
3 Cutting Rings Small Medium and Large Circles to cut center of cake.
almost 5 years
Or go on down to spatula city.? They have good stuff
almost 5 years
As much as I might wanna bitch slap her... I want more videos!
almost 5 years
Yummy, big o'l boobies
almost 5 years
yo she's funny as shit I don't care if she's dumb. it's a little slow in the start but man it just gets funnier and funnier till i'm on my ass laughing. I want to see more of these guys!!
over 5 years
down in fraggle rock! Staten Island sounding accent tickles the original neurons.
over 5 years
haha I actually enjoyed the bickering over the bad cut
over 5 years
That chick is ditzy as Hell, but just as hot!
over 5 years
Word! Could those be real?!
over 5 years
I'd love to Checker Cake!
Hey, I worked on this video too! Credit Me
As Herself is... Dina
As Himself is... Harry