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Episode Description:

Brad Sanchez is always on the beat, breaking the hard hitting news stories. In this report he gets his finger on the pulse of the equestrian community and their sentiments on the new lax restrictions on horse meat and Ikea's horse meatballs. Long time horse-y trainer, Jaime Tremelle, helps us understand.


Watching’s better than reading...nerd!
almost 6 years
To Carl Speckles, I don't think he was being complimentary at all. As a matter of fact, I think he thrives on the fact that he puts his guests in uncomfortable situations with blindsided questions!! That poor horse is just another example of his exploitative journalism! And what the hell do you know what's proper edicate in Latin America?! You look like a dumb haus who works at a golf corse! Freak'n middle Murica! Yurp,yurp,yurp,yurp,yurp,yurp,yurp....
almost 6 years
I'm just a worldly groundskeeper who knows how to spell "etiquette".
almost 6 years
Well played... but F you too! And Brad's still a dick!
almost 6 years
horse has a wtf face
almost 6 years
The drug Premarin is made of pregnant mare urine... Hence the name Premarin.
almost 6 years
That sounds like it'd pair great with some Swedish Meatballs!
almost 6 years
Brad Sanchez is a dick! He called me fat and said there"s a goat sleeping on my head! F U BRAD!
almost 6 years
I believe in Latin America those are compliments.
almost 6 years
What the hell is a Lingon berry? Oh wait I have Google
almost 6 years
Lingonberries help the horse meat go down!
Hey, I worked on this video too! Credit Me
Master Chef is... Blippo
Brad Sanchez is... Billa