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Episode Description:

Grab yourself some Old Milwaukee and watch Bobby Jimmy Cumby and Slapjaw Riggins teach you how to make a "Green Goat" and a "Little Piggy's Bed" on our brand new show TheCrackerShow.


Watching’s better than reading...nerd!
almost 5 years
clever, I will be making this
almost 5 years
Hey Now!
almost 5 years
They used to call me the Green Goat in the war.
almost 5 years
The Green Goatsie? Wow! That response shows my age... Wonderful cracker ideas. How bout some cheese whiz snacks and then get fucked by do'n wippets with the cheeeeez whiz can!?
almost 5 years
I eat crackers out side also, attracts too many ants in my house.
almost 5 years
I eat animal cookies
almost 5 years
such technical skills holy shit i love cheese and crackers
Hey, I worked on this video too! Credit Me
Bobby Jimmy Cumby is... Billa
Slapjaw Riggins is... Pedro