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Volcano Bar


Episode Description:

Not many people are aware of Jagerbomb's dubious origins. Way up in the hills of Switzilickadillanklam, Mr. Hardagsrummeplett, a lonely Produktaterkallelse shop owner, discovered the delicious concoction while accidentally dropping his mid-morning Jager shot into a bowl of Mitteilungwichtige (a popular Switzilickadillanklanian enerzie drink). Since wasting alcohol is a crime punishable by dismemberment, Hardagsrummeplett was forced to drink his accidental brew, and, much to his amazement, the new discovery turned out to be a treasure of alcoholic joy. Use the instructions here to make your own Jagerbomb and make Hardagsrummeplett proud! Furkurzezeitgut! (Cheers)





Red Bull


Drop one shot of JagerMeister into a tumbler glass of Red Bull! Easy Shit!
over 4 years
Mr Hardagsrummeplett is Bud's doppelgänger!
almost 5 years
I remember I first discovered the www at the age of 8..... I was looking for funny videos but I didn't know what to watch..... Then somehow I came across a video of a dude playing in a field….. He spoke a different language and little English.... That was probably the hardest I laughed that whole year.... Little did I know I was watching the legend Mr. Hardagsrummeplett....
almost 5 years
I could use her and a jager bomb right about now!!
almost 5 years
yeah man she's got a few bombs!!!
almost 5 years
Haha:) love that !!
almost 5 years
haaa you should watch the wake n bake stuff that fat white bob marley guy is hilarious he's in that too!!!
almost 5 years
and i saw the guy in other stuff he's funny
almost 5 years
man i want more of these episodes if it's gonna have chick like this in it.
almost 5 years
Amen on this idea
over 5 years
keep em coming!
over 5 years
Our kindergarten teacher taught us how to make a Jagerbomb at show and tell already, But it was worth the watch for that ridonkulously hot swiss miss!
over 5 years
Her and a couple Jager Bombs! That's a Party!!!
Hey, I worked on this video too! Credit Me
Master Chef is... Blippo
Mr. Hardagsrummeplett is... Rudy P Botelho