CCN Help

Why can I only upload one Pin Up per day?

- We want your Pin-Up to count. Consider this our 140 characters!

Why is my video not uploading?

- Please check the supported file formats below and make sure you’re uploading a supported format. The codec you used for exporting might not be supported, or your video might be too long. For more info scroll down.

Why was my video taken down?

- Your video might have violated CCN’s Terms of Service Agreement. CCN let’s you upload almost anything having to do with Cooking, Drinking or Eating, but we reserve the right to judge and delete any irrelevent, spam, pornography or violent videos. Although we are lenient, some people always find a way to cross the line.

Can I have cursing, nudity or violence in my video?

- Of course, we were born nude, so why not be nude, and we all curse! Although we like the nudity more, violence is okay, just as long as it's not real or illegal and would make Robert Rodrigez proud.  We're definitely lenient, but CCN still reserves the right to judge and delete any irrelevent, spam, pornography, violent or illegal videos -- some people always find a way to cross the line.

How long can my video be?

- CCN has a 15min video cap and a 2GB file size limit. We really don’t want to see anyone drone on, make ‘em fun and short.

How can I get my own CCN Original Channel?

- CCN’s always searching for new talent. If you catch our eye and more importantly, other viewers eye’s, it’s very possible that we’ll offer to produce your show.

Why is the rating a bunch of asses?

- The old tradition of Fraternity paddling was always an indication of acceptance and prestige, and we wanted our rating system to reflect that. Actually, we just think it’s funny.

Can I get a “Whoop, Whoop”?

-Yes, yes you can.

Can I customize the design of my channel?

- Not yet, unforunately, but the good news is that we’re working everyday to update the site and add more to the user experience. Please feel free to offer any helpful suggestions or requests to

What do I do if someone uploads a nasty video of me without permission?

- Although we take nudity lightly, we take libelous situations very seriously. Please let us know if someone has uploaded any slanderous or libelous videos of you by first Flagging the video and then contacting us here:

My profile pic is getting cut off.

- The profile pic is an exact square and will crop any other shapes which will likely result in some parts of your picture being “cut off”. Make sure you either crop you picture to an exact square before you upload it or make sure your subject matter is in the center of the picture.

How can I see all my Pin Ups?

- A thumbnail collection of all your Pin-Ups can be seen on your Credits page right below your Profile Picture. Simply click on any thumbnail to bring you to that Pin-Up.

How do I edit my Credits Page or Account Page?

- Most of the input fields on College Cooking are activated by simply clicking next to the input field title. This will open up a text field and give you a cursor, then type and save.

How do I delete my account?

- Don’t leave us! But if you must, the delete button is on the upper right hand side of your Account page in light blue.

How do I delete a credit from someone’s video?

- In the Filmography section of your Credits page you will notice thumbnails of videos you are credited on. Simply delete anyone you wish to be removed from and your credit will be erased.


College Cooking supports a wide range of video and audio formats. If the College Cooking warning windows don’t help you out, please first make sure that you’re adhering to the College Cooking supported file formats listed below. If you’re problems persist, please contact us at

College Cooking Supported File Formats:

WebM files - Vp8 video codec and Vorbis Audio codecs
.MPEG4, 3GPP and .MOV files - using h264, mpeg4 video codecs; and AAC audio codec.
.AVI - Many cameras output this format - usually the video codec is MJPEG and the audio is PCM
.MPEGPS - Typically supporting MPEG2 video codec and MP2 audio
.FLV - Adobe-FLV1 video codec, MP3 audio

Tips and Notes:

- Always upload your video in the original format and in the highest quality possible.
- We prefer de-interlaced files.
- If your file is using h264 encoding, we prefer files without PAFF/MBAFF encoding.
- Audio and video lengths should be the same and audio should begin at the same time as the video.


College Cooking offers the option to view content in high definition with 1080p resolution – when the source upload supports it. In order to upload videos in high definition, see the tips listed below.

In general, for best upload results, ensure your video and audio lengths are the same.

Original Format - The less a video is re-encoded prior to uploading, the better the resulting College Cooking video quality. We encourage you to upload your videos as close to the original source format as possible, with a minimum of intermediate re-encoding steps. Each re-encoding can generally degrade the quality of your video and may create some specific problems which we’ll address below.

Frame Rate - The video frame-rate should be the same as the original where possible. For film sources, a 24fps or 25fps progressive master yields the best results, while videos that have had a re-sampling transfer process applied – e.g. a Telecine pulldown – often result in a lower quality video.

Resolution - High-definition videos are the preferred format for ingest on which result in College Cooking videos of the highest quality currently available. It also means your video can be upgraded as new formats are developed on the site.

Testing - Since there is no facility to re-upload videos, it’s important to test that your audio and video quality are satisfactory before you release your video publicly onto College Cooking.

Once a video becomes popular, the number of views, user ratings, user comments and other community data, cannot be transferred if another, higher quality version of the same video is uploaded. Make sure you get it right.

Aspect Ratio - The aspect ratio of the original source video should always be maintained when it’s uploaded: Uploaded videos should never include letterboxing or pillarboxing bars.

the College Cooking player automatically ads black bars so that videos are displayed correctly without cropping or stretching, no matter the size of the video or the player. For example, the player will automatically add vertical bars (pillarboxing) to 4:3 videos in the new 16:9 widescreen player size. If the player is re-sized (i.e. when embedded on another website), the same process takes place so that 16:9 videos are letterboxed (black bars top and bottom) when the player is sized to 4:3. Similarly, anamorphic videos will be automatically letterboxed when shown in either 16:9 or 4:3 sized players. The player can only do this if the native aspect ratio of the video is maintained. If you would like to adjust the fit of your video in our player after upload, you can also use formatting tags to make adjustments.

If letterboxing is added to a video befor it is uploaded (e.g. in the case of creating a 4:3 video from a 16:9 master), the widescreen player will add pillarbox bars too, resulting in black bars all around the video (windowboxing) and a bad viewing experience (see the diagram below)

Upload a 16:9 video at its orginal
aspect ratio (1280x720 recommended)
Video fills the CCN widescreen 16:9 player.
Upload a 16:9 video at its orginal
aspect ratio (1280x720 recommended)
Video fills the CCN widescreen 16:9 player.
The CCN player adds pillarbox bars left and right to the 4:3 video fit widescreen.Bars surround video.
Add letterbox bars to the top and bottom before uploading so that the video fits a 4:3 player,